Thanksgiving Blog Post

Thanksgiving Blog Post

Friendsgiving → As someone who can appreciate a good friendsgiving party, I couldn't help but pick a long sweater and some comfy leggings as my go-to look. Plus I would pair with my Doc Martens or any combat boot that I loved for a laid back night of chilling with my friends and spending time together. 

fall sweaters


Lunch with family → My family always disputes over whether we should do thanksgiving lunch or dinner. (it usually ends up being dinner). However, for thanksgiving at lunch time you couldn't go wrong with pairing a simple bodysuit with your favorite shacket. It is such a cute fall look and you’ll look great in all the family pics. Shackets really are a must for Thanksgiving. 



Formal dinner with family → Maybe your family goes all out for thanksgiving dinner and you like to get a little dressed up for the occasion. Nothing says fall to me like a cowl-neck sweater dress and some booties! You’ll be the best dressed one there! Sweater dresses are everything!

sweater dress


Cozy-stay at home → The thing I look forward to most about Thanksgiving break is that I finally get some time to chill at home, bake cookies, and watch the shows I don’t get to watch while in school. If you’re going to be parked on the couch with your family this Thanksgiving, you definitely need a comfy pullover and some biker shorts to live in while you're chilling at home.



Decorating the tree → Every year my mother wakes up on the day after Thanksgiving and has my brother and I haul in the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Decorating for Christmas has got to be one of the best days of the year, and since it is going to be cold as it can be, I think the best outfit for decorating the tree with the family is a comfy waffle weave sweater and your favorite leggings. Take some pics for Insta while you're at it!



Going to look at Christmas Lights → Once the tree is up and you’ve had all of the time at home that you can handle, it's time to go look at some Christmas lights, with your hot chocolate and your loved ones. I would wear a cozy jacket and a bodysuit, paired with my favorite boutique jeans. You’ll be a 10/10.



Shopping with friends → Christmas shopping time is soon upon us, so you gotta have a cute outfit to wear while you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Might I recommend a pair of comfy mom jeans, a woven sweater, and some sneakers? Trust me, you'll have people asking you where they can buy your outfit.

chunky sweater