Fall Concert Outfit Ideas

Fall Concert Outfit Ideas

fringe romper

Romper With Sleeves

I seriously doubt I am the only woman going through an Elvis phase after the new Elvis movie. A long sleeve romper or jumpsuit with a fun fringe detail is just GIVING Elvis, and I love it. In my opinion you need a sleeve for a fall night out, but you can still rock a romper year around. This is such a cute outfit idea for a country concert this fall too. You can throw on your favorite boots and be the star of the show! Whether you like a classic western boot, or a fun shiny boot, you can rock it any way you want.

fringe denim jacket

Fun Shorts and a Cropped Denim Jacket

I don't make the rules, but if you're going to wear some fun shorts to a concert this fall, you totally need a cute jacket to complete your look. Picture the cutest shorts with rhinestone fringe. You can pair them with a cropped tank or a bodysuit underneath, with your favorite knee high boots. The only thing your look is missing is a fun cropped denim jacket, that just happens to also have rhinestone fringe. Are you getting the picture? Guaranteed you'll be a 12/10 on your night out.

suede fringe jacket and bell bottoms

Flare Jeans and a Suede Fringe Jacket

Listen, it is getting cold, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice style to stay warm. You absolutely can SERVE in 40 degree weather at a concert. Throw on the flare jeans that you bought and pair with a bodysuit or a simple undershirt, and throw on a cropped suede jacket *chef’s kiss*. Bonus points if that cute suede jacket has fringe. Perfect for any fall concert, guaranteed to keep you warm, and guaranteed to be the hottest outfit at the concert.

fringe bodysuit and fringe skirt

Long Sleeve Bodysuit and A Skirt

No matter what time of year it is, I am always down to wear a skirt. I will freeze before I say no to wearing a fun skirt to a night out. A fun skirt with some rhinestone fringe would be my top choice for a concert outfit and I would pair it with a long sleeve bodysuit. I like the idea of pairing the pink skirt with a black bodysuit that also has rhinestone fringe, because life is short and no one can tell me not to. You know I have to complete my extra look with some shiny silver booties. Catch me at the concert serving LOOKS.

striped bell bottoms

Striped Flare Jeans and a Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Keeping with the theme of fall concert looks, I am fully aware that as the sun goes down, the temperature goes down too. You may be worried that you can’t wear something cute to the concert because it’s 40 degrees outside, but I have an excellent solution. Get some striped flare jeans and pair with a sleek, long-sleeved bodysuit and some heeled booties. We love a solid black bodysuit. Easy, stylish, and perfect for a night out. Throw on a hat to complete the look!

oversized tshirt dress

Oversized Graphic Tee and Boots

Do y’all make plans to go out and then decide you don't want to go out because you just want to put on an oversized tee and not dress up? Maybe it’s just me, but oversized t-shirt looks have a chokehold on me, and I don’t think there's anything wrong with dressing them up for a concert. A western tee or a band tee can easily be sized up and worn as a t-shirt dress and paired with knee high boots. You can throw on a cute hat and from there add whatever accessories you like. I think adding a rhinestone belt around your waist is a great way to level up a t-shirt dress. You and all your besties will be setting this trend in no time.