How To Wear Striped Bell Bottoms

How To Wear Striped Bell Bottoms

Paired With A Graphic Tee
- A graphic tee is the best way to show your individual style, and especially paired with some fun striped flare jeans. If you're looking for an easy way to style your striped bell bottoms, throwing on your favorite graphic tee can be your go to. Whether you want to wear a seasonal graphic tee or a country western graphic tee, we have you covered. I always like to tuck a t-shirt under my bra or tie a knot in the t-shirt to crop it. Pair with your favorite heeled boots and you have the perfect concert or game day outfit!

Paired With A Denim Jacket
- I personally love a denim jacket and I think everyone should have a trusty denim jacket that they can rely on for any occasion. I paired a cropped rhinestone denim jacket with my striped bell bottoms for a fun look that can be worn to a concert this fall, a night on the town, or anywhere you want! You can pair a bodysuit underneath the jacket or a fitted crop top for a totally Instagrammable look.

denim jacket

Paired With A Crop Top
- Going out this weekend? Pair some fun striped flare jeans with a long sleeve crop top and heeled boots for a super easy weekend night look! I love to wear a long sleeve crop top in the fall and adding a pair of striped bell bottoms takes your adorable crop top to the next level. I think they're such a fun way to show your individual style and stand out from the crowd.

crop with bell bottoms

Paired With A Sweater
- Early fall is still warm in Georgia, but as soon as it turns cold, you better believe we're breaking out the sweaters. I love sweaters in the fall and winter and I love how versatile they are because you can pair them with almost anything in your closet. I think a basic neutral sweater is a necessity in your closet, especially if you like fun flare jeans as much as I do! Pair a neutral sweater with your striped bell bottoms and some of our women's accessories for a look that will keep you warm and super stylish all season long! 

sweater with bell bottoms

Paired with A Bodysuit
- Everyone needs a simple neutral or black bodysuit in their closet. I swear, I reach for a bodysuit anytime I don't know how I want to style something and for some reason, it always gives a cohesive look. I paired a simple black bodysuit with my striped bell bottoms. I think this would be such a cute outfit for going out on a Friday night with your friends and you will be sure to turn some heads.

bodysuit with bell bottoms